Zoom Bactose - Probiotics that digest lactose
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Zoom Bactose - Probiotics that digest lactose
Zoom Bactose - Probiotics that digest lactose

Bactose - Probiotics that digest lactose

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Break away from the 68% of the global population who can't digest lactose. Forget lactase pills, stop asking “is there dairy in that” or dealing with the consequences of indulging that delicious ice cream cone without protection. Join the thousands of others who’ve found long term relief in Bactose™.

14 Capsules | Take twice a day for 7 days | Repeat monthly

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"Just try it" 60 day money back guarantee!

Ingredients: Patented Proprietary L. acidophilus BL21A, Microcrystalline cellulose, Vegetable Cellulose (Capsule), Magnesium Stearate (Vegetable Source)

"Just try it" 60 day money back guarantee!

Customer Reviews

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Yvette Estrada

Bactose - Probiotics that digest lactose

Alaire Lowry
Vigilant no more! I eat what I want.

I have late onset (I was 72) lactose intolerance. I have gotten used to very uncomfortable symptoms, including the usual gut problems but also brain fog, anxiety, and feelings of exhaustion. I would take 4-10 lactase tablets per day to avoid them. So far, one month in, Bactose has been amazing. I am eating small servings of ice cream, tzatziki, mozzarella, cake, and more, without problems. I have taken a lactose tablet only once when my gut felt a little off normal. The relief of not having to check food ingredients, take lactase pills regularly, and make sure I have lactase wherever I go is surpringingly big. Now my teenage granddaughter is going to try it. Her wonderful mama, my daughter-in-law, found Bactose and ordered me some!

Anonymous User
I got my life back. Dramatic enough? But true.

This is an early review, let me preface. I'm only a week and a half past completion of my first round of week-long treatment. But already the impact is massive.

Quick background: during the beginning of the pandemic I learned quite suddenly and harshly that I was lactose intolerant. Extremely. Even small amounts of dairy would do me in fast, with me rushing to the bathroom within 30 minutes or less, and sometimes in bloated pain throughout the following day. I quickly found I couldn't trust so many seemingly innocuous foods and I was miserable. I found lactase supplements mostly didn't work, eventually landing on an awkward timing and heavy dose that MOSTLY worked MOST of the time. But it was safer to just avoid, which wasn't always possible.

I abstained completely for the week I was taking Bactose, not even taking my lactase supplements in case of harmful interaction. I spent the whole week sure I was kidding myself with any hope of this working.

And then I started testing the waters. Cheese ravioli. Check. Lasagna. Check. Cheese pizza with cream sauce. Check. Frappucino with regular milk. Check. Everything I've tested has succeeded. On a couple of occasions I've felt maybe mild discomfort, but frankly that's hard to separate from overeating or other mild intolerances. Point is, none of these meals resulted in rush bathroom trips or pain.

So yeah. In a sense, I got my life back. I do plan to take these regularly, and not push my luck testing how long it lasts. So the cost will definitely add up. But it's worth it to be able to eat wherever and whatever I want again.

Kindle Customer
Really works

This stuff works. 1st course fixed me up for 3 months.

I'm coming for those cows and nothing can stop me

I can drink milk, eat ice cream, put half and half in my coffee.. I messed up a few days in the initial week (missed a morning pill or two, had alcohol one night) and yet here I am downing dairy daringly deprived of doubt I'll die of diarrhea doom in the morning. If I remember, I'll edit this when it wears off to see how long it stuck.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bactose™ work?

Our novel L. acidophilus BL21ATM probiotic strain acts like little factories in the gut producing lactase enzymes, supplementing what the body lacks. These beneficial microbes populate the digestive tract where they work 24/7 helping your body naturally break down and digest lactose found in dairy products.

How long does Bactose™ last?

Bactose™ will continue to work for the entire month after the first 7 day pack. Bactose™ has unique properties that allow it to adhere better to the intestinal lining when compared to other probiotic strains, allowing it to thrive for many weeks after just 7 days of use. Repeat monthly.

How long does it take for Bactose™ to work?

After taking Bactose™ for just 7 days, you can enjoy dairy again on day 8. As long as one takes Bactose™ monthly, there is no need to abstain from dairy during each subsequent 7 day recharge.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely, we have our "just try it" 60 day money back guarantee! We're on a mission to improve your dairy life and ensure complete satisfaction. If Bactose™ didn't work for you, email us about your experience and we'll make it right.

No obligation, easy to skip or cancel subscriptions?

We use one of the most popular subscription services, Recharge, to manage all our subscription orders. Recharge makes it easy to manage, skip or cancel your subscriptions anytime with no obligation.

Storage conditions?

At 75 Degrees F or below, out of direct sunlight, away from heat and moisture.

When is the best time to take bactose?

Bactose™ is best taken on an empty stomach. Reason is taking bactose with food or too close to a meal will prevent it from properly populating in your gut greatly shortening the length of its effectiveness.

Effects of antibiotics?

Antibiotics are meant to kill bacteria, that includes probiotics and your natural microbiome. Taking antibiotics while on Bactose™ will decrease the effectiveness and duration of Bactose™. You may need to take a new course of bactose 7 days after the antibiotic course is finished. However taking Bactose™ after finishing an antibiotics course will actually help the effect and duration of the effect of Bactose™, this is because it is given the ability to outcompete other probiotics in your intestines.

Effects of alcohol?

Consuming alcohol while taking Bactose™ for the first 7 days may decrease its effectiveness.

Common side effects of probiotics?

Some users may experience abdominal cramping or bloating while taking probiotics such as Bactose™. This discomfort is often a sign that the beneficial bacteria are remodeling, detoxifying and improving the gut environment. If this occurs, stop taking Bactose™ until the discomfort has subsided, then continue by taking 1 capsule per day. Resume back to the standard dosage if tolerated, continue taking until all capsules are finished. If intestinal cramps or discomfort do not resolve, or if severe, stop taking Bactose™ and consult your physician. For more information visit: http://www.probioticscenter.org/bloating-and-probiotics


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