Bactose Digests Lactose

The first probiotic to actively produce excess lactase enzymes directly in the gut helping your body naturally digest lactose

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Bactose Digests Lactose

Try Bactose

"These hips don't lie"

Finally probiotics that do something!

When was the last time you took a probiotic that solved a specific issue? Maybe you'll get a decent bowel movement which might please your grandma, but most probiotics only offer a placebo effect! Gas, bloating and diarrhea when consuming dairy cannot be solved with a placebo, try Bactose™ it actually works.

The Science

"Just try it" 60 day money back guarantee!

Taken only for 7 days

Take one Bactose™ capsule twice a day for 7 days, repeat monthly. Our package is designed to make it easier for you to stay on track.

Bactose Gets to Work

Our novel BL21A™ probiotics populate your gut flora & will start producing Lactase Enzymes needed to break down lactose

Long lasting effects

Bactose™ will continue to thrive digesting lactose for the whole month, individual results may vary.

It does what your body can't

Bactose populates the gut where it produces lactase enzymes, the same enzymes your body lacks when you can't digest lactose. Our microbes will continue to work 24/7, doing what your body can't.

Upgrade your dairy life

Throw away those lactase pills!

Lactase pills are one of the most annoying things in life, beside being lactose intolerant. Since Bactose works 24/7, for the entire month, you'll no longer have to take pills everywhere you go.

Stay on track

Our innovative eco-friendly packaging helps keep you on track, making sure you take Bactose™ when needed for the best results. On day 8 you can enjoy dairy again, repeat monthly.

The eco pack

I was so nervous about consuming diary that I waited an additional week before mustering the courage to try something. I have now been consuming dairy products for 10 days without a single symptom and I am blown away. I never expected the results to be anything like what they are.

Elliot S. Customer

Ice cream is my friend, but lactose/dairy is not. And I'm not going to eat dairy-free or lactose-free ice cream because that's just like eating sadness. So I bought this last month to see if it would help my digestive system from being so angry after I eat dairy. And it works!

Rushenn Customer

It's a miracle, these probiotics really works, I can eat and drink dairy products again ,first bite was scary but next day is pretty awesome because no more stomach pain or extreme gas, it's just normal.

Khalid Customer
Zoom Lactose Intolerance, lactase pills, lactase drops, lactaid
Zoom Lactose Intolerance, lactase pills, lactase drops, lactaid
Zoom Lactose Intolerance, lactase pills, lactase drops, lactaid
Zoom Bactose - Probiotics that digest lactose

Bactose - Probiotics that digest lactose

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Break away from the 68% of the global population who can't digest lactose. Forget lactase pills, stop asking “is there dairy in that” or dealing with the consequences of indulging that delicious ice cream cone without protection. Join the thousands of others who’ve found long term relief in Bactose™.

14 Capsules | Take twice a day for 7 days | Repeat monthly



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